More horses injured on rural road

  • Two riders and their horses were injured while hacking on the roads in Wanborough village, Wiltshire, yesterday afternoon (11 April).

    Seventeen-year-old Carly Rochester and KatieCoxhead, 14, were enjoying an afternoon hack when a teenage driver came round a bend on a road with a 30mph speed restriction and allegedly veered off the road into the two horses.

    Both riders incurred head and leg injuries and were taken to hospital. One horse bolted and the other was catapulted onto the car.

    One of the horses, Riley, a 16.2hh Thoroughbred bolted after throwing his rider and was caught slightly injured a mile away.

    The other, Blue, a 14.2hh eventing pony sustained severe injuries, including a chipped pelvic bone, which needed more than 50 stitches and an additional 50 staples.

    He is being scanned today and there is concern as to the extent of his internal injuries.

    Police were prompt to attend the scene and nearby farmers came to helptransport the injured horse. Drove Veterinary Group, Wilts, were in attendance to the injured horses.

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