Miniature Shetland attacked by dogs in Leeds

  • A miniature Shetland pony has been left injured and traumatised after being attacked by two bull-terrier type dogs.

    Chloe the Shetland was set upon in Meanwood Park in Leeds on Saturday afternoon (13 March).

    The pony was grazing on a leadrein when the dogs savaged her.

    “I was out in the park with my boyfriend walking Chloe and she was enjoying people coming up and petting her,” 14-year-old owner Rhiannon Leavett told local press.

    “Then all of a sudden the dogs came and started attacking her. One was biting her nose and head, trying to pull her into the bushes and the other was attacking her from behind.

    “The lady who was with them was crying but couldn’t get them to stop.

    “It seemed to go on for a long time. It was so horrible. I did what I could but was scared the dogs would try to attack us.”

    Rhiannon’s mother Ann said the vets bills are over £600.

    She told the paper: “Chloe was totally traumatised and ripped to pieces.

    “We can not get her to eat, she is still shivering uncontrollably in her stable There is actually flesh ripped from her knees and missing, leaving sinews and blood vessels useless. She will likely never walk properly again.”

    Two weeks ago H&H highlighted concerns about dog attacks on horses, and last week the horse world lobbied for equal protection for domestic animals.

    A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police told H&H: “We are aware of this incident and have spoken to the complainant.

    “At this time a formal statement has yet to be completed and any decision to prosecute will not be considered until this has taken place.

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