Meet Horse of the Year Show chief steward Frank Grunnill

  • Frank Grunnill’s trademark bowler hat and bow tie are a familiar sight for riders worldwide. Frank has been coming to Horse of the Year Show for more than 50 years and is chief FEI steward at HOYS this year.

    Name: Frank Grunnill

    Age: old enough!

    Lives: in Last of the Summer Wine country — Holmfirth, Yorkshire

    HOYS job: chief FEI and show steward

    Previous employment: I’m an FEI steward at many shows, but I was previously a mounted policeman

    Dream job: I’d love to have been a gamekeeper. It’s working outdoors, there’s nature involved and I would have had the freedom and time to go fishing. Coarse and trout fishing is my hobby. I try to make time to go, but I don’t manage to sit by the water’s edge as much as I’d like nowadays

    What’s on your iPod? If I had one it would have lots of classical music and there’s one singer I could listen to all day. Barbra Streisand is mega — she’s the girl for me!

    Have you ever won at HOYS? I competed in the Police Horse of the Year classes for many years and never managed an individual win, although I did win the pairs and the turnout. I’ve lost count of the times I finished second individually

    How has the show changed? I’m old enough to remember working in on a black ash surface at Wembley and here we are today. But it’s still the same old Horse of the Year Show

    What classes do you enjoy best? the showjumping. I did a bit of jumping when I was in the mounted police, but nothing like the standard here

    Dream ride: can I have two? The first is Milton, the original star showjumper. And of course there’s Big Star, the best horse in the world now. It would have been a privilege to sit on either of them

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