B sample dope test results of Maxime Livio’s catch ride released

  • The B sample from Bingo S, the borrowed horse ridden by Maxime Livio at a showjumping event in Thailand last November, has tested negative.

    This doping case against the French event rider has therefore been dropped, although the separate case involving his World Equestrian Games (WEG) ride Qalao Des Mers (pictured) is still ongoing.

    The A sample taken from Bingo S at the CSI*-W in Pattaya (28-20 November 2014) tested positive for the banned substance testosterone above the allowed threshold, but the B sample analysis showed the level of testosterone was within permitted levels.

    Testosterone, a naturally occurring hormone found in high levels in stallions and considerably reduced levels in geldings and mares, is one of seven threshold substances on the FEI equine prohibited substances list.

    Maxime has now been cleared to compete, having been provisionally suspended since the notification of the positive test on 16 February. Bingo S was on a two-month suspension due to expire on 15 April, but can also now compete again.

    “It is rare that the B sample doesn’t confirm the A sample, but it proves that our system works and that the checks and balances put in place to protect the athlete function correctly,” said FEI secretary general Sabrina Zeender.

    “As with all other sports and as part of an in-built safety mechanism, the athlete has the right to request confirmatory analysis of the B sample. As this has returned a negative result in this instance, the case against Maxime Livio is dropped.”

    The FEI confirmed that the separate, earlier case involving Maxime’s French team ride Qalao Des Mers testing positive for a metabolite of the controlled medication substance Acepromazine on 29 August at WEG is still ongoing.


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