Mary King suspended for 2 months

  • Mary King has been suspended from competition for 2 months after being handed her second yellow card in a year.

    The eventer said she is “shocked and devastated” by the news.

    Mary received the yellow card at Bramham (6-8 June) for dangerous riding on MHS King Joules.

    Last October she was given a card for the same offence, at Le Lion d’Angers, where she was riding Cavalier Venture.

    Anyone receiving 2 yellow cards for the same offence in a 12-month period is given an automatic 2-month ban by the FEI.

    Mary wrote in her blog that she had some “embarrassing news”.

    “The horse I rode at Bramham was disappointingly strong and unruly across country,” she wrote.

    “I pulled him up half way around the cross-country course and retired after we had jumped the first part of a rail, ditch, rail combination.

    “He dropped his back legs on the first rail and the frangible pin broke.

    “It felt dangerous and neither of us were enjoying ourselves so I thought it best to stop before we had an accident.

    “The ground jury have interviewed me and said I should have pulled up at the fence before. They said because I am a high profile rider/role model for younger riders I should have been more sensible, and I received a yellow card for dangerous riding. I was completely shocked and devastated.”

    She added that a couple of her younger horses will be ridden in June and July by her daughter Emily.

    “I love my horses and love the sport, I am very sorry this has happened.”

    Her ban runs until 9 August.

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