Martin Clunes stars in Heavy Horsepower on ITV

  • Actor and horse lover Martin Clunes is to star in a new programme, Heavy Horsepower tonight (Thursday 7 February).

    The one-off show is on ITV at 9pm and features Martin learning about working horses.

    Martin will be focusing on the important role of heavy horses in Britain, as well as travelling to Europe and America. He travels to a working vineyard in Italy, “horse fisherman” shrimping in Belgium and meets the famous Budweiser Clydesdales in New Orleans.

    He also starts training his own Clydesdales — Ronnie and Bruce — to work on his Dorset farm. He’s had the pair for two years and describes them as “lovable but uncontrollable teenagers”.

    “If you’d said ten years ago that I would be driving a seven and a half ton truck with my own two young Clydesdales taking them to hoof camp I’d have laughed in your face. But it is a reality and it’s very exciting,” said Martin.

    “People say I must get my horses working. Now they are at an age where they need development. They are getting a bit bored.”

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