Martin Clunes explores the human relationship with horses

  • Actor Martin Clunes says filming his new series Horsepower has changed the way he looks at horses.

    The series, which started on ITV1 last Sunday (22 August) explores the human relationship with horses.

    Throughout the series Martin travels from Mongolia to Arabia, visiting wild mustangs in Nevada and watching a rodeo in Las Vegas.

    He rides with cowboys and does battle in a suit of armour as well as going horse racing in Dubai and watching the famous Palio horse race in Italy.

    “I wanted to find out how this animal became so important to us. How did we manage to tame such a huge, fearful prey animal and make it both our servant and our friend,” says Martin.

    Martin is passionate about horses, and keeps 12 of them at home on his farm in Dorset. He also has a racehorse called Buffalo Stampede.

    “Making this documentary has definitely increased my horse sensitivity, not to mention improving my riding,” he said.

    “It has been an incredible journey. It has changed the way I look at horses, and change the way I ride my horse Chester, it has changed all sorts of things.”

    Watch the second and final part of the series at 9pm on ITV1 on Sunday.

    Visit our online gallery to see photos from the series.

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