Mare dies after being attacked by a stallion in Massachusetts

  • A rare Marwari mare has died in Central Massachusetts after being attacked by a stallion.

    The horses were being kept at Red Pony Farm, where local press reported the workers to be “shaken, saddened and angry.”

    The stallion, Nazrulla, escaped from his stall on Wednesday (11 March) and chased the mare across the farm before attacking her.

    “The marks on the mare’s head and accounts from farm workers indicate that the mare had been repeatedly kicked by the five-year-old stallion,” vet Contance Breeze told local papers.

    Jennifer Blaisdell, who works for Francesca Kelly, the mare’s owner, said that the stallion was in his stall when she finished her evening chores.

    “Everything was perfectly calm,” she said, “Then I heard this bang. I turned around and the stallion and mare were coming towards me at quite a speed. I tried to block the door but they blasted past me.”

    Born on Chappaquiddick, Nazrulla is among the first Marwari horses to have been foaled outside of India.

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