Making dogs smell sweeter

  • Should a dog smell like a dog, or like a walking air freshener?

    That’s the question now in the minds of dog lovers as House of Fraser launches what it calls “the only prestige fragrance for dogs”, Oh My Dog.

    The new perfume will be on sale at the company’s stores throughout the country from 1 September . Its fragrance includes rosewood, orange leaves, freesia osmanthus, vanilla and sandalwood.

    The product was designed in France by a team who used to work for Givenchy.

    According to a House of Fraser, spokesperson: ” The formula was reworked and tested to make sure it didn’t interfere with the dog’s natural sense of smell”.

    But editor of Dogs Today, Beverley Cuddy, says: “A dog’s sense of smell is so much better than ours ¨ it’s dreadful to impose our choice on them and walk around with an overpowering smell.

    “It could also be confusing for other dogs and interfere with behaviour patterns between dogs.

    “Learning to live with wet, smelly dogs is just part of being a dog owner – you get used to it. It joins the list of other things like fancy coats and clothes, which aren’t very dog-like”It may be alright to buy it for a joke but in myopinion it’s best left in the drawer and not used.”

    The Oh My Dog perfume costs £25 and the matching shampoo costs £13.50.

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