‘It makes my blood boil’: rider fuming over fly-tipping

  • A rider has been left “appalled” by the increasing levels of rubbish dumped on bridleways and country lanes.

    West Yorkshire-based parish councillor Paula Kemp contacted H&H after seeing horses spooked by dumped horse feed bags and bedding on the side of the road (pictured).

    The Emley resident said villagers and the council were routinely forced to clear up after others — from those who discard rubbish from their vehicles to fly-tippers leaving household goods and garden rubbish on the roadside.

    “I and most other responsible people are appalled by the increasing level of fly-tipping and rubbish littering our bridleways and country lanes,” she said.

    “Driving home recently I followed two riders along a lane into the village. As they approached a point on the road one horse absolutely refused to go forward until its companion and rider had to give it a lead — albeit sideways — on the other side of the road. Luckily there was no head-on traffic.

    “I was absolutely shocked to see what was causing the problem.”

    When Ms Kept discovered the rubbish causing the horses to spook was in fact items used by equestrians she was shocked.

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    “What sort of image does this give to non-horsey people?” she said.

    “If you can afford a horse, feed it and bed it down on pellets, you should not have to have other people paying to dispose of your rubbish. Why should ratepayers subsidise your hobby while you put other riders at risk?

    “It makes my blood boil. We work so hard to keep the countryside and keep riders safe on the road and then someone who has horses thinks everyone else can clear up after them.”

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