Luke Tomlinson honoured at Audi Polo Awards

  • H&H columnist Luke Tomlinson has been named the most outstanding British professional at the Audi Polo Awards.

    The awards took place at the Park Lane Hilton in London last Monday (17 May).

    Two Hurlingham Polo Association [HPA] lifetime achievement awards were also given on the night.

    The first went to Lord Patrick Beresford, a former five-goal player who took part in the first Cartier International in 1972. In the 1990s he set up the Polo Pony Welfare committee and is the current chairman.

    The other was given posthumously to the late Gerald Balding, the only British 10-goal player since the war and father of trainers Ian and Toby, and the grandfather of BBC presenter Clare and racehorse trainer Andrew.

    Other awards went to:

    Polofix most outstanding high goal team — La Bamba de Areco

    Cartier most outstanding high goal patron — Jean Francois Decaux

    Audi Polo Awards most outstanding high goal professional — Gonzalito Pieres

    The Polo Magazine most outstanding medium handicapped player — Nachi du Plessis

    The Turtle Island most outstanding low handicapped player — Ollie Cudmore

    The Audi most outstanding British professional — Luke Tomlinson

    The Pommery most outstanding lady professional — Nina Clarkin

    The Longdole Polo Club most outstanding arena team — Equibuild

    The Kerry Packer most outstanding high goal pony — Shannon

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