Loose Shetland closes M25

  • A section of the M25 between junctions 15 and 16 was shut off today (Friday 10 October) when a Shetland pony escaped from a nearby field and wandered on to the carriageway.

    Paul Anthem of Thames Valley Police says: “We got our first call at 6.30am this morning. The Shetland was close to the M4/M25 intersection at junction 15 of the M25.

    “The pony was wandering about heading north on the southbound M25 carriageway. Four police officers attended and with members of the public we rounded up the pony. There was a field of Shetlands nearby, so we assumed that was where he’d come from.

    “The carriageway was shut at approximately 6.50am and we had caught the pony by 7.15am. He seemed excited rather than distressed, and we did have to calm him down.”

    The incident caused some small tailbacks as traffic was starting to mount up, but the carriageway re-opened at 7.37am and the traffic was soon flowing freely again.

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