Long Riders aim to circle the globe

  • A husband and wife team are to attempt to ride the 12,000 miles around the world on just two horses.

    Basha and CuChullaine O’Reilly, who are based in Zurich in Switzerland and are founders of the Long Riders’ Guild, will set off this autumn from below the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

    The pair are full-time equine explorers and have completed many other long journeys by horseback.

    CuChullaine said: “The aim of the journey is for academic research and exploration. It will take two years and we will travel through Europe, Russia and Siberia, onto to Canada and then back to England.

    “We will be following the ancient grass belt that surrounded the earth, from where the planet’s population of horses derive.”

    The Long Riders’ Guild has supported more than 100 expeditions on every continent except Antarctica, including those of Adnam Azzam of Syria who rode 10,000 miles from Madrid to Mecca and Russian Vladimir Fissenko who rode 19,000 miles from Patagonia to Alaska.


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