Local woman wades into river to rescue stranded horse

  • A local horse lover bravely waded into a Fenland river to rescue a distressed horse on Wednesday, 9 July.

    About 20 firefighters, from King’s Lynn and Outwell, watched on as Dorne Arlington, 38, from Outwell went into the water and led the horse to safety.

    Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service received a call at 8.25am that a horse was stuck in a river at Main Road, Three Holes in Norfolk.

    The firefighters tried unsuccessfully for almost two hours to rescue the horse by dinghy — but the horse was panicking and straying deeper into the water.

    A spokesman Norfolk Fire and Rescue said: “The first problem was trying to calm the horse down before we could get it up the steep banks.

    “But this wasn’t working so Dorne went into the water to gain the trust of the horse and calm it down.

    “Once she had done that she slipped a bridle on and we were able to attach it to line and pull the horse out.

    “We would not usually suggest entering the river in such a situation but she was fully supervised and on this occasion it proved extremely helpful. We are full of praise for her actions.”

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