Local rugby club to race The Farmers’ Bloodhounds

  • The Farmers’ Bloodhounds will not only be exercising their hounds on 31 August , but also members of the local rugby club.

    Squad members from Buckingham Rugby Club, which includes Bloodhounds’ second whip Jamie Temple, will attempt to outrun the bloodhounds over a four-mile line at Stowe, Buckingham, to raise money for the air ambulance service.

    Jamie Temple said: “We’ve had a lot of interest from the lads at the rugby club and should get a full squad running.

    “At the end of the day you never know when you will need the air ambulance’s services, it could be out hunting or on the rugby field.

    “Some of the lads are getting their own sponsorship and the caps from the day will all be donated as well.

    “People can also donate online via our Justgiving page — I would really hope to raise about £1,000.

    “This will also help to raise the profile of both clubs.”

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