Livery yards to be approved

  • Welfare concerns have prompted the BHS to introduce a new initiative for livery yard approval

    The British Horse Society has launched an approvals scheme for livery yards, designed to raise the standard of care, improve welfare and provide owners with a guide to the top establishments.

    Concerns over welfare prompted vets and welfare groups to set up talks with the BHS more than a year ago and work on developing the scheme has been going on ever since.

    The guidelines for approval have been drawn up in consultation with the British Equine Veterinary Association, International League for the Protection of Horses, RSPCA, SSPCA and the Home of Rest for Horses.

    THE BHS Livery Yard Approval Scheme, which is sponsored by South Essex Insurance Brokers, Intervet and Merial Animal Health, is dependent on voluntary involvement by livery yard owners,but the organisation says they have no doubts that proprietors will choose to register.

    The scheme will run on similar lines to the BHS’s established Riding Schools Approvals Scheme and yards will be inspected annually for a fee of £170, with discounts available for smaller enterprises.

    Approved livery yards will receive a plaque displaying their status and be entered in a directory and on the BHS website.

    Other benefits include insurance discounts, business advice and regular updates on legislation and other relevant issues.

    “Obviously we are deeply concerned about the welfare of all equines and that is one of the main thrusts of this approvals scheme,” says BHS chief executive Kay Driver. “But we also want to encourage proprietors to provide a high standard of identical care and client services throughout the country, as well as help owners find the establishment which is right for them in terms of care and facilities.

    For details, contact the BHS on (tel:01926 707700 or clickher to email c.doran@bhs.org.uk

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