Lifetime ban for horseowner

  • A man has been banned from keeping animals for life after RSPCA inspectors were called in to rescue four emaciated tethered ponies

    Newark Magistrates have banned a man from keeping animals for life after an RSCPA inspector found four emaciated ponies tethered in an exposed field.

    Christopher Pusey, 52, from Newark pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering and was given a lifetime ban on keeping all animals, a two-year community punishment order and fined £250.

    On 30 January this year, RSPCA Inspector Ian Callingham found a black colt collapsed on its side in a field in Tolney Lane in Newark. It was tethered to a metal spike by a chain, which was attached to a collar made from an old seatbelt.

    A Shetland pony and a dark bay colt were also found tied to a fence, while another filly was found behind some sheds.

    They were all severly emaciated, riddled with worms and had no access to food, water or shelter.

    The Shetland pony was found to be suffering from an untreated eye injury, which had caused the eye to burst and become infected.

    Despite receiving veterinary treatment the blackcolt died, the other three were signed over to the Barnsby Rest Home for Horses in Lincolnshire and have since recovered.

    The court was told that at the time the horses were found, Pusey was suffering from severe depression.

    After the case had finished Inspector Callingham said: “The message is strong and clear – animals cannot be treated like this.”

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