Lice-riddled and barely able to walk: appeal for information on dumped filly

  • The RSPCA is appealing for information after a filly who was riddled with lice and barely able to walk was abandoned in a Wiltshire field.

    The black cob was discovered by a member of the public in Moor Lane, Whiteparish near Salisbury on Saturday (13 January).

    The charity was contacted for help and the RSPCA’s animal rescuers were able to take the young horse to a place of safety.

    “She is very skinny and riddled with lice. She also has lots of scalding to the back legs with horrendous diarrhoea and was very subdued, struggling to walk and lacking energy,” said RSCPA inspector Charlotte Coggins.

    “She is now receiving the care and kindness she needs and beginning her recovery.”

    The filly is not microchipped and inspector Coggins said the RSPCA is “really keen to hear from anyone who can help us find out who abandoned her”.

    Rescuers have named the cob after the mythological Greek immortal horse Arion because of her survival skills.

    Arion is just one of hundreds of horses who have been dumped in an ongoing equine crisis that has had a major impact on animal charities across the UK.

    In 2017, the RSPCA took on more horses than in any of the previous four years and every week more animals are being found ill, neglected or dumped.

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    RSPCA equine welfare expert Mark Kennedy said: “We receive around 80 calls a day about horses to our 24-hour emergency hotline and are always being asked to help horses in dire need. As soon as we rehome a horse we have another horse in need entering our care.

    “The poor economic climate, over-breeding of horses, the high cost of vet care and falling prices for horses have all contributed to the crisis — and with the poor harvest this summer and associated increases in forage, bedding and feed costs we expect even more horses will need our help this winter.”

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