Laura Shears joins Equifest elite rider squad

  • Young event rider Laura Shears has joined the EquiFeast Elite Rider Squad.

    Laura, from Stratford-upon-Avon, has recently acquired King’s Fancy (Nancy) from Mary King.

    “Nancy is a real performer and an incredible jumper and has all the ability to be a top flight four-star mare but she is spooky and sensitive and has a number of stable vices,” said Laura.

    But after a few weeks on WINNINGEDGE Gold Laura reported she is calm, relaxed, focused and no longer kicking the stable door or lorry floor.

    EquiFeast’s technical director, Malcolm Green says “We are keen to help young riders who often find themselves riding the more difficult horses.

    “Our unique Vcal nutritional technology helps these horses to concentrate, learn and perform. This helps riders to hone their skills and develop those of the horse.

    “We look forward to helping Laura and Nancy build a winning partnership over the next few years.”

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