Join our road safety campaign

  • Riders who hack on the road are being encouraged to support National Horse and Road Safety Day on Saturday 21 October .

    Organised by Horse magazine and sponsored by Peugeot, the National Horse and Road Safety Campaign aims to encourage motorists and riders to work together to cut accident statistics.

    According to the BHS, which is supporting the campaign, around 3,000 horse-related road accidents take place in the UK each year.

    How you can help

    There are three ways concerned horseriders can help:

  • Organise your own road safety ride.

  • Take part in an organised ride.

  • Hand out information to non-riding motorists which explains the correct way to pass a horse on the roads.

    Find out more

    If you want to organise a ride, visit the campaign’s special web site www.horse-and-road-safety.com or contact our helpline on: (tel: 020) 7348 7389).

    As well as details on how to go about co-ordinating a road safety ridethere are posters and leaflets to download plus hints on getting press coverage for your event. Then, register your ride on our on-line database.

    If you want to take part in a ride that is already set up, the web site has a database of events taking place. Or, call the helpline for more information. test

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