Join the Horse & Hound fun on Pinterest

  • Here at Horse & Hound, we love great pictures of our majestic equine friends, whether they are elite horses performing at the highest level, Pony Club ponies giving the next generation years of fun, or readers’ horses letting off a bit of steam!

    We know you love sharing your photos with us and we are frequently inundated with readers’ pictures, both via email and on social media. While there are many we would love to publish in the magazine, sadly we rarely have the space. So now Horse & Hound has joined the social media service Pinterest to showcase and share our favourite photos with you all.

    For those who aren’t familiar with Pinterest, it is an online ‘pinboard’ where individuals and brands can gather together their favourite pictures (pins) into online galleries (boards).

    It’s free to join and you can upload your own pictures directly to Pinterest or you can gather pictures from around the internet by using the ‘Pin It’ button. On HorseandHound.co.uk the Pin It button can be found by putting your mouse over the P at the bottom of the social sharing menu to the left, then choose Pin It.

    You can ‘follow’ accounts or individual boards on Pinterest. The latest pins from the boards you are following will display on your pinterest wall when you visit the site on your computer or mobile device. Pinterest is great on mobile, so if you have a smart phone we would definitely recommend you download the free app from your app store.

    Horse & Hound on Pinterest

    H&H on Pinterest

    Horse & Hound currently has 12 Pinterest boards on topics including:

    We plan to introduce two new boards in the coming weeks. One is for pictures of animals ‘reading’ Horse & Hound magazine or viewing the website. The other is for our ‘new entry’ of young readers, who are getting to grips with the magazine for the first time. If you have a picture which fits either of these descriptions, we would love for you to send them into us and we will publish our favourites on Pinterest.

    Please ask the permission of the photographer before sending any photos to us and include your name, a brief description of what’s/who’s in the photo and the name of the photographer so we can caption the pictures correctly. Pictures should be emailed to carol_phillips@ipcmedia.com.

    So what’s stopping you? Come and join in the fun. Follow Horse&Hound on Pinterest today.

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