Jayne Ross wins supreme title for second year *VIDEO*

  • Jayne Ross and Rosettes Direct-owned Broadshard Simplicity were crowned the Ripon Select Foods supreme horse of the year for the second year running at Horse of the Year Show this evening (11 October).

    “This is up there with one of the best results of my career — I don’t think it’s ever been done before,” said Jayne of her back-to-back wins.

    Listen to her talk about her emotional victory in the video below:

    “I think to do it the first time was quite something, but to bring him back for a second year and have his mind on the job, going so well and enjoying it is quite something — it was just a surreal moment,” said Jayne.

    “Broadshard Simplicity is a pretty cool dude in general. He also likes to play to a crowd and he quite fancies himself — he’s a bit of a Tom Cruise in a way. He loves to be in the spotlight and he’s at his best in a big environment.”

    Broadshard Simplicity has had a long day. The Colosso family large riding horse of the year class — which he won — took place at 6.50am, followed the preliminary supreme judging at 4.30pm and the final result two hours later.

    “He came here last night after spending the day in the field,” added Jayne. “It was a short night because we started plaited at 3am, and had to be in the international arena 5am for exercise.

    “In his down time he went back to the stables, had a feed and a haynet. He came out to have a wander and a leg stretch but he’s a fairly amiable horse. He enjoys being messed around with and pampered.”

    Broadshard Simplicity will now have a holiday.

    “He will be let down in the next few weeks and then go out in the field 24/7 with a nice big rug on. He will come back in in February and probably be aimed for Royal Windsor as his first big show next year,” confirmed Jayne.

    Don’t miss the full HOYS report in the next issue of Horse & Hound, on sale 15 October.

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