iPhone app designed to aid in emergencies

  • Horse riders with iPhones can now download an app that might help in an emergency situation.

    The new Health app — which is only available on iOS 8 — allows users to put emergency health information on the lock screen of their phone.

    The software allows riders to enter their full name, date of birth, medical conditions, allergies, medications, blood type and more, so that first aiders can immediately access the information.

    If a casualty is found with the phone anyone will be able to tap the screen, without needing to enter a passcode, to pull up the full medical card.

    The app is being supported by medical professionals.

    “When giving first aid in an emergency, the priority is to provide immediate care and attend to any major injuries a person may be suffering from at that time,” said Clive James from St John Ambulance.

    “However, where these details would prove vital is if someone has become suddenly ill from an underlying medical condition that the person treating them needs to be made aware of, or when the patient arrives in hospital to receive ongoing or long-term treatment.”

    Horse owners also think that the new app could help to improve safety, particularly if riding out alone.

    “I urge riders to consider using this app,” said one H&H reader. “It could make a real difference in bad situations.”

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