International indoor horse driving showcase event

  • The Carriagehouse Insurance British Indoor Horse Driving Trials Championships this weekend (3-5 April) will feature a new international competition.

    The event, at The College Equestrian Centre, Keysoe, Bedfordshire, will include for the first time an international showcase event, based on the rules of four-in-hand World Cup competitions.

    Two obstacles will be set out, together with cones and a bridge, and drivers from England Ireland Scotland and Wales, as well as possibly some European drivers, will try to get round in the fastest time.

    Each country can put forward two pairs drivers and two singles drivers for the competition on Saturday (4 April).

    Selection trials have been run in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and the national teams are:

    Manager: Barbara Nadin.
    Team: Chris Orchard, pair; Julie Hoskyns, pair; Frank Campbell, single; Cathy Willis, single.
    Reserves: Fiona Powell, single; Philip Reeves, pair.

    Manager: Christine Legate-Baggs
    Team: Joseph Adams, pair; Christine Legate-Baggs, pair; Jackie Ellis, single; Adam Wyllie, single.

    Manager: Amanda Saville
    Team: Amanda Nisbet, pair; John Nisbet, pair; Ollie Dermie, single; Meggan Carruthers, single.
    Reserve: Christine James

    Manager: James Broome
    Team: Gareth Roberts, pair; Modris Kesans, pair; Jonathan Rees, single; Emily Hams, single.

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