Hunt supporters get on their bike

  • Two enterprising women whose livelihoods depend on hunting are appealing to country sports supporters to help them on their way in a charity bike ride.

    Next May, the pair plans to cycle from Land’s End to John O’Groats to raise money for the Union of Country Sports Workers (UCSW) and the Hunt Servants’ Benevolent Society.

    Julie Barker from the Burton hunt in Lincolnshire and Karen Haworth from the Holderness, East Yorks, whose partners are huntsmen and who themselves look after hunt horses, are looking for bed and board along the way.

    “It should take 16 days exactly,” says Julie. “We haven’t got any accommodation sorted out yet, but we hope that country sports supporters will offer their hospitality and accommodation en route.

    “We’ll be travelling through north Cornwall, Exmoor, Somerset, Monmouth, up through the Lake District to Dumfriesshire, then up the west coast to Glencoe, across the Caledonian system to the east coast and on to John O’Groats.”

    Julie and Karen will cover 60-80 miles every day, and, although not die-hard bikers, they hope that fitness built up over the season as well as annual periods of cycling on hound exercise will stand them in good stead.

    Anyone wishing to help, contact Julie (tel: 01522 522798).

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