HOYS’ warnings over selling wristbands

  • Anyone trying to sell wristbands given to competitors at the Horse of the Year Show (HOYS) may be refused them at the event, organisers have warned.

    Grandstand Media says it has been made aware that people have been trying to sell the three passes given to each competitor, intended for the rider and two others.

    “We are compiling a list of names of those discovered to be attempting to sell the wristlets,” a spokesman said.

    “Persons whose name appears on this list may be refused the wristlets at the event.”

    Grandstand said it is also aware that some people are buying standard HOYS tickets, and attempting to use “stables only” wristbands to access the “back end” of the event, which includes the horse walk and collecting rings.

    “This is a contravention of the event rules, the security and safety of the event,” she added.

    “Any person (including mounted competitors) found to be accessing the back end of the event without the correct accreditation could be expelled from the event.

    Grandstand said the three passes given to each competitor “are worth considerably more than the entry fee” and abuse of them could damage the show’s future.

    “Overall the amalgamation of income streams contributes to covering the costs of the show and ensuring the future success of the event,” she added.

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    “£33 for a ‘C’ band ticket is exceptional value for money by any standard to gain 16 hours of competition, entertainment and shopping that is delivered by HOYS.

    “All championship shows incur huge costs when you consider the complexity of the temporary infrastructure used for equestrian events.

    “Many of the costs associated with the NEC arena – for example, catering, parking, etc – are attributable to the NEC directly and not imposed by HOYS.”

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