HOYS timetable 2003

  • Tuesday, 16 September

    Horse & Hound Arena: 3.30pm, jnr Foxhunter practice; 4.35, snr newcomers practice; 5.30, YR/7yo practice.

    Wednesday, 17 September

    International Arena: am: 7.30, McCusker l’wt hunter prelim; do, m’wt; do, h’wt. pm: 12.10, Great Leighs Newcomers ch; Osborne Refrigerators sml double harness scurry; l’wt hunter ch; ridden M&M ch; m’wt hunter ch; Robinsons PC games; h’wt hunter ch; miniature horse ch; ladies’ hunter ch; Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter ch; 5.15, end. eve: 6.30, Unex Corporation YR ch; lge double harness scurry; display; PC games; display; hunter ch; display; interval, Thomas Bates & Son 7yo ch; 10.50, end.

    Horse & Hound Arena: am: 7.20, Simpson Refractories ridden M&M prelim: NF/ Connemara; do, Fell/Highland Dales; do, Dartmoor/Exmoor/ Shetland; Welsh sec A/B; do, sec C/D; HOYS miniature horse prelim: y’ling; do, 2/3yo; do, 4 & over; Juniper Green ladies’ hunter prelim; M&M lead rein; M&M first ridden; Brineton Colne M&M mini ch; SEIB Search for a Star: RC show horse/cob; 5, end; 8.15, Foxhunter practice.

    Thursday, 18 September

    International Arena: am: 7.45, Cuddy WH prelim; Dengie Alfa-A Cup. pm: 12.55, international SJ; lge double harness scurry; coloured horse & pony ch; Voice Products BDS jnr driving scholarship; PC games; ridden pure-bred Arab ch; interval; int SJ 2-phase 5, end. pm: 6.30, Rexton speed & power ch; display; PC games; in-hand sup ch; display; WH ch; display; interval; Horse & Hound Foxhunter ch; 10.55, end.

    Horse & Hound Arena: am: 7.20am, Chaps ridden coloured horse (native cob/ traditional); do, pony; do, non–native; ridden Arab gelding; do, mare; do, stallion; Cuddy sup in-hand pony; do, horse; Search for a Star: pony; do, RH/hack; Twiston Davies Classic int SHT; 5.35, ends; 6.10, jnr newcomers practice; 7.15, 6yo practice.

    Friday, 19 September

    International Arena: am: 7, Osborne Refrigerators sml hack; do, lge; Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers ch. pm: 12.40, Dick Turpin Stakes; hack ch; display; M&M WHP ch; PC games; sml hunter ch; display; interval; Aon 6yo ch; 5, ends. eve: 6.30, Finnforest Hunter Woodshavings Cup; sml double harness scurry; display; PC games; display; display; interval; Golden Bear Leading Show Jumper; 10.50, end.

    Horse & Hound Arena: am: 7, PA Business Systems 122cm M&M WHP; do, 138cm; do, over 138cm; Search for a Star: WH; Integrated Packaging sml hunter prelim; Redwood Advertising 153cm SRT; do, 158cm; Search for a Star: hunter; int SRT ch; 5.15, end; 5.50pm, 128/138cm practice.

    Saturday, 20 September

    International Arena: am: 7.15; Osborne Refrigerators l’wt cob; do, h’wt; national 128cm ch; do, 138cm. pm: 1.15, Xerox Business Services Cup; display; children’s RP ch; PC games; display; interval; Dengie Horse Feeds Stakes; display; 5, end. eve: 6.30, accumulator; double harness scurry ch; display; SHP ch; PC games; display; cob ch; display; interval; Aon Puissance; 10.50, end.

    Horse & Hound Arena: am: 8, Charlotte Morgan 128cm RP; do, 138cm; do, 148cm; Parelli demo; Bewley Homes 122cm SHP; do, 133cm; do, 143cm; do, 153cm; Search for a Star ch; 5.15, ends; 5.45, leading jnr SJ practice; 6.45, grade C practice.

    Sunday, 21 September

    International Arena: am: 7, Osborne Refrigerators sml RH; do, lge; BEIB HOYS Grade C ch; Grandstand Media Cup. pm: 1, Kraiburg Leading Jnr Show Jumper; PC games; RH ch; display; WHP ch; display; interval; Colourhouse Speed Horse of the Year; display; 5, ends. pm: 6.30, Osborne Refrigerators celebrity hurry scurry; sup pony ch; Prince Philip Cup final; display; harness ch; display; PricewaterhouseCoopers sup horse; display; interval; grand prix; 10.55, end.

    Horse & Hound Arena: am: 7.30, 133cm WHP; do, 143cm; do, 153cm; int WH ch; Sandal BMW FR; do, LR; mini show pony ch; Xerox Business Services harness horse/pony; 5.40, ends; 6.10, sup pony prelim; 6.,30, sup horse prelim.

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