Hound dies after being hit by car on A47

  • A hound and a spaniel have died after running onto a busy main road on Tuesday morning (25 August).

    Twelve foxhounds, belonging to the Fitzwilliam Hunt, near Peterborough, ran on to the A47 (not pictured) early in the morning.

    The hounds were being walked through Milton Park to meet the hunt horses to start their daily hound exercise.

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    At about 7.30am a group of hounds broke away from the pack along with a spaniel that was being walked in the same area.

    A spokesman from the hunt said: “Together with the spaniel they ran through an area of woodland onto the east-bound carriageway of the A47.

    “Regrettably the spaniel and a foxhound were killed by a passing car unable to take evasive action.

    So far as we are aware no-one was injured but one vehicle was damaged in this unfortunate and regrettable incident.”

    Cambridgeshire police attended the incident which happened near the Bretton/Thorpewood junction of the busy A47.

    Police were able to open the road to traffic again just after 9am.

    Packs of hounds throughout the country are preparing hounds for the forthcoming season, with autumn hunting underway in some areas of the country where the harvest is complete.

    Hunts regularly exercise their hounds either on foot or on bicycles throughout the spring and summer months, with mounted packs introducing horses as the season approaches.

    This helps to improve fitness of both hounds and horses with both roadwork and cross country routes taken.

    The Fitzwilliam Hunt, which has been established for over 250 years, have always kennelled their hounds in Milton Park. The pack of hounds have never been out of the ownership of the Fitzwilliam family. They hunt two days a week during the main season.

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