HorseWorld appeals for land to cut hay from

  • Bristol-based charity HorseWorld is appealing to anyone who may have land that they can use to cut hay from this summer.

    The charity is responsible for the care of nearly 500 equines, including those that have been rehomed, in the region and the rising cost of hay has become a real problem.

    Equine husbandry manager Joanne Vaughn said: “We have record numbers of horses needing our help at the moment.

    “We cannot cut costs with things like vet bills or anything that would jeopardize the quality of care we give the animals but if we can cut our own hay, it will free up funds to use for other aspects of animal care.”

    With over 150 rescued horses, ponies and donkeys needing feeding this would be a considerable saving for a charity that is reliant entirely upon donations.

    Jerry Watkins, welfare manager, said: “We would be looking for a minimum of about four acres within about 15 miles of Whitchurch.

    “We will arrange harvesting and haulage.

    “The land should have reasonable access to allow the passage of our tractors and implements.

    “This would be an ideal opportunity for someone who has land that would benefit from being cut but does not want the hassle of doing it themselves.

    “At the same time, they will be helping horses, ponies and donkeys in need.”

    If you have land that HorseWorld could use to harvest, please call Amy on 01275 893033

    This news story was first published in the current issue of Horse and Hound (14 April, 2011)

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