Horses can again move freely between the UK, France and Ireland

  • As more foot-and-mouth restrictions are eased, horses are moving freely between the UK, Ireland and France once more.

    Under legislation known as the Tripartite Agreement, horses can normally travel between the three countries without any export paperwork. But earlier this month, following the foot-and-mouth outbreak in Surrey, extra veterinary certification was introduced.

    The European Commission amended its control measures last week, and France Galop, France’s horseracing authority, lifted its own restrictions earlier this week.

    On Monday, 3 September, livestock markets will be resumed and cattle, sheep and pigs will also be allowed to travel to agricultural shows.

    DEFRA chief veterinary officer Debby Reynolds said: “Having considered carefully a veterinary risk assessment of allowing animals to move to livestock markets and agricultural shows, I have concluded that these can restart from Monday as part of our staged risk-based approach to easing movement controls.

    “A number of additional conditions apply while the surveillance zone remains in place and it is critical that these are adhered to strictly by everyone involved. This represents another milestone in the good progress we are making towards regaining our disease free status.”

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