Is this the world’s most unusual horsebox conversion?

  • A Gloucestershire barber has branched out in an usual way with a mobile salon in a horsebox.

    Richard Humphries and Richard Battye run 2 “traditional” shops. However, the time had come to go mobile, so they could reach a wider audience, and to prevent having to rent a new shop.

    When they saw “Hugo” the horsebox for sale on eBay, they realised they had found their perfect salon. With some hard work — and a few thousand pounds’ investment — the pair transformed Hugo from a 4-stall horsebox to a travelling salon.

    “We stripped it out and converted it into a proper salon. It has 2 mirrors, 2 chairs, a hot towel machine for cut-throat shaves and a waiting area,” Mr Battye told H&H.

    “We wanted something unique, that was also functional and drove well and the horsebox has been perfect. We opened a couple of weeks ago and it’s had a lot of attention wherever we go.”

    This article was first published in Horse & Hound magazine (3 April 2014)

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