Horse survives lightning strike

  • Arab mare who survived being struck by lightning is making a good recovery

    It was obviously Sadie’s lucky day – although it probably didn’t seem like it at the time.

    Theeight-year-old pure-bred bay Arab mare was out in her field in Lawford, Essex, with four companions during a violent storm and torrential rain.

    Her owner, Thelma Scrutton, was preparing to leave for work.

    “I was just thinking I should check the field before I go when I saw a flash of lightning, then a cloud of orange smoke move across the field,” said Thelma.

    “My neighbour phoned to say Sadie had been hit. I went there straightaway. Sadie was down and I thought the worst.

    “She lay there for around five minutes, then got up and was staggering – she was clearly in shock.

    “On our vet’s advice we took her in from the field. For around two hours she was staggering around like she was drunk.”

    That was nearly two weeks ago. Now, although Sadie’s feet still seem to be sore, her owner says she is back to her normal self.

    “She is still keen to go out in the field and prances around in her normal, Arab-like way,” she said.

    Thelma’s vet believes Sadie may have survived thebolt of lightning because she wasn’t wearing shoes.

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