Horse sculptures installed on banks of River Thames

  • Four sculpted horses and riders can be seen on the banks of the River Thames in an art installation entitled “The Rising Tide”.

    The horses — which have oil well pumps instead of heads — are situated on the South Bank in London and will be on display until 30 September.

    They have been created by British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor and are concealed and revealed by the tide each day.

    “These four proud horses and their riders highlight the role of the Thames as the lifeblood of London, shaping the city’s great history as an ever evolving centre for culture, industry and commerce,” said a spokesman for Totally Thames 2015, who commissioned the work.

    “Taylor’s pioneering public art projects are not only examples of successful marine conservation but works of art that seek to encourage environmental awareness, instigate social change and develop an appreciation of the breath-taking natural beauty of the underwater world.”

    The sculptures are situated at Vauxhall adjacent to Camelford House, and are fully visible from the riverside walkway for up to two hours either side of low tide.

    The project is supported by the Nine Elms Vauxhall Partnership, Vauxhall One and Lumina Prime 8 Ltd.

    For more information visit: http://totallythames.org/events/info/jason-decaires-taylor-rising-tide

    Approximate daytime low tide times:

    Saturday, 12 September (9am); Sunday, 13 September (9.45am); Monday, 14 September (10.15am); Tuesday, 15 September (11am); Wednesday, 16 September (11.15am); Thursday, 17 September (11.45am); Friday, 18 September (12.15pm); Saturday, 19 September (12.45pm); Sunday, 20 September (1.15pm); Monday, 21 September (1.30pm); Tuesday, 22 September (2.15pm); Wednesday, 23 September (3.30pm); Thursday, 24 September (5.45pm); Friday, 25 September (7pm); Saturday, 26 September (7.30am); Sunday, 27 September (8.45am); Monday, 28 September (9.45am); Tuesday, 29 September (10.30am); Wednesday, 30 September (11.15am)

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