Horse rescued by fire brigade after getting stuck in roof

  • A horse in Northamptonshire had a to be rescued by fire crews last week after jumping through a roof.

    A fire crew from Towcester came to the rescue of horse Graf, after he leapt over a fence from his field, which is at a higher level, and fell through the roof of a farm building.

    The horse became wedged in the roof and had to be winched out.

    “Graf landed on a roof which collapsed and left him hanging on bare beams and nails,” owner Kevin Sumner told local press.

    “It took a heavy lift Unimog vehicle from Wellingborough fire station some 30 miles away to lift poor Graf after he was sedated by a local vet Sinead from Towcester Vet Centre.

    “Fortunately Graf is now recovering with his owner Emma Sumner who had to stay with him all night to nurse his many injuries.”

    A spokesman for Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue said: “Our fire control received a call at 18.38 to a horse stuck on a roof on a farm in the south of the county.

    “Crews from Towcester and Brackley attended along with the Animal Rescue Unit from Wellingborough.

    “The horse was released shortly after 20.00 and left in the care of its owner and vet at the scene.”

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