Horse put down after being attacked by ‘pit bull’ dog

  • A horse has died after being attacked by a dog in a field in Berkshire

    The thoroughbred called Joe (on the left of the picture) had to be put down after suffering severe lacerations to the legs.

    Joe was grazing in a field with his Shetland companion Danny on Fair Acres Farm, Dedworth Road, near Windsor on Monday 27 October when the pair were attacked.

    A member of the public who was out walking alerted the animals’ owner Carol Cooke after she noticed that Danny was injured. Both Danny and Joe had deep cuts to their legs which required veterinary treatment.

    Joe was put down on Saturday 1 November as a result of his injuries.

    The passer-by told the police she had seen a dog chasing the horse and pony across the field at about 4pm. She said she heard a man whistle to the dog and then leave the field with it. She described the dog as tan, about 2½ feet at the shoulders with a pit bull terrier-like head.

    PC Marie Herbert from Thames Valley Police said: “The owner of the horses is naturally distraught by what has happened.

    “I am appealing to anyone who has seen a dog matching this description with its owner in or around the Broom Farm estate, or knows who this may be, to contact me as soon as possible.”

    Anyone who can help trace the owner of the dog should contact the police. Tel: 08458 505505.

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