Horse killed in road accident after being hit by trailer

  • A woman whose horse was killed in an horrific road accident is campaigning to increase drivers’ awareness of riders on the roads.

    Nicola Allen’s horse Ruby – who was out on loan – was struck by a pick-up truck and trailer while out hacking on Monday (21 May).

    It is believed the driver was overtaking the seven-year-old mare when the accident happened.

    Nicola, 34, from Knypersley, Staffordshire, today (25 May) urged road users to give horses more respect.

    She told H&H: “The horse and road awareness campaign page on Facebook has received over 1,000 hits today and I’ve had emails from Australia, America and Lanzarote.

    “I cannot believe how much publicity this has got. I wasn’t going to show the pictures [of Ruby’s body on the road], but it’s obviously struck a chord.”

    Ruby was leading a group of two other horses when she was hit. She was being ridden by her loanee, a 21-year-old woman, who suffered minor injuries.

    Nicky said: “The driver shouldn’t have been overtaking and he definitely wasn’t passing wide and slow.

    The front of the trailer hit the back end of Ruby when he cut in too soon.”

    The accident happened shortly before 6.45pm and led to the road being closed for three hours.

    Nicky arrived on the scene shortly after the vet and added: “The horse had been severed in half. I’ve never seen so much blood.

    “Motorists had put their jumpers on top of her to try to stop the bleeding. The vet took one look at her and put her to sleep.”

    Staffordshire Police are investigating and have urged anyone with information to get in contact on 101 quoting incident number 641 of 21 May.

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