Horse escapes into lorry living and helps himself to dog food

  • Event rider Abbie Brannigan was in for a shock last weekend — when she found her horse in the living of her lorry.

    A photo of Kenny — Boskenwyn Lad — merrily relaxing in the living, was a hit on social media.

    Nineteen-year-old Abbie has been riding Kenny for two years and the pair were competing in a BE100 at Larkhill on Saturday (11 April) when the alarm was raised.

    “We were watching the showjumping when we had a call from Jemma Rees, who was in the neighbouring lorry, saying she could see Kenny was inside,” Abbie told H&H.

    “So we ran back and there he was, just looking out of the window. He saw us and pricked his ears. He was very chilled out in there and not bothered at all, he must have been in there around 20 minutes.”

    The 11-year-old, who is by Mohill Cavalier Clover and out of Mandy Cibroja, had freed himself from his tie. He’d then broken through the door of the living and managed to get in.

    “He was happy as Larry in there,” added Abbie. “He’d dragged all the cushions of the seats and everything off the luton and even eaten the dog’s biscuits.

    “He did no damage at all to the lorry, thankfully, just pulled everything on the floor looking for his favourite, cheesy chips and ketchup!

    “I don’t think our two Jack Russells that were in the front even noticed him.”

    Abbie added that Kenny, who is owned by Sarah Bawden, is quite a character.

    “We saw him and just thought, ‘typical Kenny’,” she said.

    At 16hh it was quite a squeeze to get Kenny out again.

    “He knew exactly what we were asking him to do, he just calmly reversed back through the jockey door and down the ramp and started eating,” added Abbie.

    “He was completely unfazed by it all. Sarah arrived 20 minutes later and we just laughed about the whole thing.”

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