Horse & Hound adds video to horses for sale adverts

  • In the latest upgrade to our new and improved online advert booking system, advertisers can now choose to include a YouTube video as part of their horse for sale advert.

    Videos can help advertisers show their horse’s talents to potential buyers in a way that is more engaging and effective than still photographs.

    Regular H&H advertiser Tina Trundle is delighted that H&H is now offering videos.

    “I’ve found video to be a very useful tool when selling horses,” said Tina, who is based in Nottinghamshire. “In the past few weeks I’ve sold horses to buyers in Scotland and Jersey. I don’t think those buyers would have travelled that distance to try the horses without seeing a video first.”

    Videos are available for free for all horses advertised for over £5,000, with a charge of £10 added to the advert price for cheaper horses.

    Adverts with videos are identified by a special video icon and website visitors can choose to view only adverts with videos by using the filters.

    Other improvements include advertisers being able to assign their horses to up to five different “types” (eg: dressage, eventer, hunter, allrounder) to increase the likelihood of their advert being seen by the right potential buyers.

    They can also choose to advertise in H&H’s sister titles Horse and Eventing with just a click of their mouse.

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