Firefighters save horse from drowning in sewage

  • A horse has had a lucky escape after falling into a cesspit full of sewage water.

    The horse, stabled at a yard in Lothianburn, Edinburgh, broke through a fenced off area and fell into a fibreglass cesspit on Sunday (16 August).

    He was almost fully submerged in the waste when firefighters arrived at 9am.

    Crews from Penicuik and Newcraighall helped rescue the horse.

    “They initially used a LPP (light portable pump) to reduce the water level,” a spokesman for Scottish Fire and Rescue Service told H&H.

    “The incident commander requested another fire engine from Sighthill to attend for use of a second LPP.

    “Subsequently a water rescue response was mobilised from Marionville to allow crew with wetsuits to fit straps around the horse to assist with removal.

    Had the cesspit not been drained two months earlier it is likely the horse would not have survived.”

    After the horse was removed from the cesspit at around 11.15am he was treated at the yard by a vet.

    He was not injured in the accident.

    Advice to owners

    Last year (11 December) a seven-month-old foal was rescued from slurry pit Shropshire.

    Firefighters, including a special animal rescue team from Wellington, helped pull the foal free.

    Once the youngster was removed, a vet was called as he had a bad gash on his leg.

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    Watch manager Craig Jackson urged all owners to make sure that any areas that might be dangerous to livestock are well protected.

    “With slurry pits it is really important to make sure that they are well covered with something substantial,” he added.

    “In this case it was an old pit and it was unclear whose land the it was on which is why it was not properly covered.

    “Animals, especially younger ones, are often inquisitive and will find a way through fencing.”

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