Horse dies in road accident

  • A veteran cob has been killed after colliding with a car in the West Country

    A West Country horseowner is devastated after her horse was been killed in a dawn collision with a car.The horse was stabled in a barn at Brook Farm, Great Paxton Hill, St Neot.

    Sam Osbourne’s horse Kayojo (Kay), a 16-year-old bay cob, had to be destroyed by a vet after she was hit by a taxi at 7am last week.

    Sam said: “I owned Kay for nine years. She lived in a barn – I always put her in the barn at night. You hear how some terrible things can happen to horses.

    “I am very security conscious. There’s a big metal gate on the barn with bolts at the top and bottom, which stiff and not easy to open. I don’t know how she ended up on the road.”

    Sam added: “The barn is big and is divided in two. Another horse, a friend’s four-year-old mare called Lottie, was staying in the other bit of the barn.

    “The barn is opposite the farmhouse where we live – about 50yds away – but it was such a windy night we never heard a thing.

    “In the morning, we found the gate wide open. The horses had obviously been across the lawn andhad run down the drive. My mare would never run down the drive on her own – she has a foal about the same age as Lottie, so she must have followed her.

    “It was pitch black – the taxi driver missed Lottie and went into Kay. Kay’s leg was badly broken and her chest and face hit the windscreen.

    “I am thankful the taxi driver was not hurt – it could have been a lot worse.”

    Lottie had to have stitches to her leg after she jumped a dividing partition in the barn, but was not otherwise injured.

    Sam said: “Kay was a family cob – the whole family loved her. A couple of teenage girls who often rode her, have written some lovely poems about her. She was very well loved.”

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