Hilton Herbs passes feed safety audit for third year running

  • Hilton Herbs has passed the Sai Global European Feed Safety Inspection Service (EFSIS) and Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS) audit for the third year running.

    The company is believed to be the only UK equine and canine herbal supplement manufacturer to achieve this distinction.

    This independent auditing scheme undertakes an annual inspections of premises, manufacturing facilities, risk assessment and quality control systems, with rigorous checks on all aspects of manufacturing from field to feed.

    Hilton Herbs director and co-founder Tony Self explains: “We are required to show that all our product ingredients are sourced from similarly accredited suppliers, and that we operate quality control systems ensuring full traceability of all ingredients.

    “In an age when there is so much concern over pet and human food safety, we want our customers to know that when they choose a Hilton Herbs product, they can be confident of getting the very best product available, backed up by extensive herbal knowledge and a Europe-wide food safety scheme.”

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