‘He’s quite spoilt’: young showjumper’s touching handover note goes viral

  • A touching handover note left by a 12-year-old to ensure her beloved pony was kept in the manner to which he was accustomed has gone viral.

    More than 249,000 people viewed Milly McIntyre’s ‘dos and don’ts for Music Boy’ list, which was shared on the H&H Facebook page.

    Milly, who has owned 11.2hh Music Boy for five years, left the note for the person looking after her beloved pony while she went on holiday.

    These included not brushing too close to his ears, watching out for his aversion to brooms and making sure no water goes in his ears if he is washed.

    “I wanted them to know exactly how to look after him,” Milly told H&H.

    “He has his needs and wants — he’s quite spoilt. There are a couple of things that you can’t do with him and things he particularly likes.”

    16-year-old Music Boy was a lead rein pony before Milly took him on.

    “I took him to Pony Club camp and he had an amazing jump but I was nowhere near confident enough,” Milly said.

    “When I started out with him we couldn’t even get over a cross pole. It took loads of eliminations to realise how great he was.”

    Since then Milly and Music Boy have gone from strength to strength.

    “We do lots of showjumping — we’ve been up to the nationals and the winter championships,” said Milly, who hunts with the Cattistock.

    “He flies over the hedges — he’s amazing. It looks like he’s in the air for ages when he jumps.

    “Wherever we go he’s always the smallest at competitions everyone looks at him.

    “I would like to own my own yard of showjumpers one day and it would be amazing to go to HOYS and Olympia.”

    Milly’s mother, Sarah, said she was surprised at the reception of Milly’s list.

    Milly is over the moon — she’s very excited,” she added.

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