Harry Meade cancels elbow operation

  • Event rider Harry Meade has decided not to go ahead with an operation to fit a prosthetic elbow replacement. The 30-year-old broke and dislocated both of his arms in a rotational fall at Wellington Horse Trials last summer (26 August).

    Harry underwent 2 long periods of surgery at Basingstoke Hospital in August to reconstruct his elbows. But further X-rays showed that some of the bones were not healing, so surgeons suggested fitting an artificial joint.

    However, following further consultations with 2 surgeons in London last month, Harry has decided not to go ahead with operation.

    “Both felt that the reconstructive surgery that has taken place so far looks to be extremely proficient, and agreed with the acting surgeon that the shattered bone has not joined and is unlikely to do so in the future,” a statement on his website read.

    “However, they both think that it is too soon to go ahead with the prosthetic elbow replacement.

    “The consultants we saw believe there are still other options to try, which could have a better long-term outcome while still enabling me to compete from the start of the season.

    “This is potentially good news from a long-term perspective and in the short-term will hopefully enable me to get back riding sooner than the surgery would have allowed.”

    To add to the drama his wife Rosie is due to have their 2nd child soon.

    “Not surprisingly Rosie is relieved that she won’t have to drive herself to hospital when the baby arrives!” Harry added.

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