Riders get insurance plus shopping discounts for £40 with innovative new ‘club’

  • Members of a new Harry Hall scheme will get public liability and personal accident insurance as well as 30% off all merchandise for £40 per year.

    The Harry Hall One Club offers £10m public liability and £10,000 personal accident cover as well as money off all its brands, which include Masta, Tottie, Caldene, and Cottage Craft, as well as Harry Hall.

    Harry Hall editor Lucy Higginson said public liability insurance is “crucial” for all horse owners, whether a horse is ridden or not, and that it is not known how many owners have it.

    “For a lot of people, this solves a problem,” Ms Higginson told H&H.

    “Some people don’t realise how liable they could be. Everyone worries about their horse kicking a car, for example, and this covers that, but what if the horse escapes?

    “If a driver ends up in a ditch and talks about suing – there have been some enormous awards made in court; some people have ended up losing their houses.

    “Public liability insurance is essential.”

    The scheme is aimed at amateur, leisure riders, as it does not cover those who own more than two horses, or who compete at affiliated level, as well as excluding all cross-country competition.

    It does apply if a member rides a friend’s horse, and to retired or otherwise unridden equines.

    Equine solicitor Jacqui Fulton says the club is good value.

    “Even if your horse jumps a perfectly good fence to get on to a road, before you know it you can end up in court if that horse causes damage or injury, being sued and in danger of paying thousands of pounds in damages,” she said.

    “Public liability insurance is something everyone should have and for £40, I think this is very good.”

    The discount side of the club, selling directly to customers rather than retailers, represents a “substantial change” for the business, but is in response to “the changing world and changing shopping habits,” Ms Higginson said, adding that Harry Hall “does lots of work to promote retailers”, and there will still be exclusive deals for them.

    Members will also have the chance to take part in events such as organised visits to top riders’ yards.

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