Do you want to own a racehorse but are mystified by how to get involved?

A new guide to owning a racehorse has been launched by the Racehorse Owners Association (ROA) to help out.

“A Guide to Racehorse Ownership” is a 60-page online resource aimed to help existing and potential racehorse owners. It has been edited by former H&H racing editor Emma Berry.

“Racehorse ownership can seem incredibly complicated to the newcomer but, until now, accessing impartial advice written in plain language by experts in their field has not been possible,” said Richard Wayman of the ROA.

“Many owners have contributed to the advice contained in the document and I am very grateful that ROA members have been prepared to share their own experiences.”

The Guide covers a broad range of subjects, designed to demystify racehorse ownership and make it more accessible to a wider audience.

The sections include:
Section 1 – History of British horseracing
Section 2 – The racing industry
Section 3 – Different types of racehorse ownership
Section 4 – Buying a racehorse
Section 5 – Costs of keeping a racehorse in training
Section 6 – How to register as an owner and racing administration
Section 7 – Once your horse is in training
Section 8 – Having a runner: the owner’s raceday experience
Section 9 – When a horse’s racing days are over
Section 10 – The Racing Year and Glossary

To download the guide visit: