Great Britain reach polocrosse World Cup semi-finals

  • Great Britain’s polocrosse team has made it to the semi-finals of the World Cup.

    The team will now face Zambia on Friday (10 July) at the tournament in South Africa.

    The GB team’s tournament started with a defeat to double world champions Australia 22-11.

    They then went on to beat Zimbabwe 17-11 and on Sunday (5 July), Great Britain beat Ireland 20-11 to secure their place in the semi-finals, finishing second in their group.

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    H&H blogger Jason Webb, a player and coach on the GB team, said they were “delighted” to be through to the semi-finals.

    He said:“The first day was tough against Australia but since then we have improved our game and also learnt more about our pool of horses.

    “We have worked out which ones are best played in which positions and how many chukkas each one is best doing.

    “Now we need to get ready to face Zambia, who will be a tougher challenge but one we believe we can win.”

    South Africa will face Australia in the other semi-final match.

    Since a shock defeat by Zambia on day one, the hosts went on to beat New Zealand 22-6 and the USA 25-10.

    The final will be held on 12 July.

    Each team is given a pool of 16 randomly allocated horses – eight for their men’s section and eight for the ladies – which are provided by the host country.

    The teams then have five days to work with the horses ahead of their first match.

    Unlike polocrosse played at a national level, the international game does allow more than one horse per player.

    The men and ladies play alternate chukkas and the scores of both sections are added together to give an overall result.

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