Have you got a classic Bedford horsebox on your yard?

  • Do you own a veteran horsebox? Have you promised yourself a smart new 4×4/trailer combo this year?

    Well don’t consign the old one to the scrapyard just yet — you could have a classic vehicle on your hands, according to the Bedford Enthusiasts Club.

    The club’s Ian Glover is trying to track down all the Bedford horseboxes left in the UK.

    Production stopped around 1989-90 and he is keen to help Bedford owners out with spare parts and advice, to “keep these legendary vehicles alive”.

    They’re rugged, reliable and they give horses the best ride,” said Mr Glover, a mechanic who used to run a horse transport business.

    And what they might lack in power steering and air conditioning, they make up for in character, says his wife Michele.

    “They’re a bit like VW Beetles — they’re talking points and they make people smile,” she told H&H.

    Mrs Glover can vouch for their longevity. She met her husband when he took her horses to a show in his Bedford TL.

    Some 20 years later, the lorry — and their marriage — is still going strong.

    Visit www.bedfordenthusiastsclub.com or tel: 01697 351360.


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