Golden Horseshoe Ride boasts record medal tally

  • The medal tally at this year’s Golden Horseshoe Ride over Exmoor set a new record with 15 gold, 22 silver and nine bronze medals picked up across the four classes.

    Bright sunshine combined with a cooling wind helped riders achieve these impressive results.

    Barbara Wigley, leader of the organising committee, said: “The main thing that came out this year is the lessons that have been learned about competing in heat and sun, and the consideration that most riders show their horses over this very demanding country.”

    But there was disappointment for BBC Television’s Countryfile reporter Adam Henson, who failed the vetting at the start of the second day because his horse, Summerfold Windsor, was favouring a small cut in his heel.

    Adam said he was “gutted, but poor old Windsor comes first”, before supporting one of his trainers, Nikki Routledge, who took a Silver in the 100-mile class.

    “I didn’t do much,” he said. “I just threw some water about. But it was all an eye opener to see what goes into this sport.”


    Read H&H’s full report from the Golden Horseshoe, on sale 22 May ’08

    Medal winners

    The Exmoor Golden Horseshoe (100 miles, 50 miles on each of two days)

    • Carolyn Pacey (Infidella) Gold
    • David Yeoman (Eleazor de Landas) Gold
    • Gillian Talbot (Malabar Storm) Gold
    • Gillian Mann (WFA Zaleem) Gold
    • Judy Baynes (HS Exile) Gold
    • Anthony Sargent (Ell Kaleefa Rose) Silver
    • Carol Jones (Ptolemaeus) Silver
    • Nikki Routledge (Wickham’s Just Distinct) Silver
    • Kirsty Wiscombe (Connie) Silver

    Sir Stephen Waley-Cohen, riding HC on two horses and sponsored, completed in gold time

    The Exmoor Stag (75 miles, 50 on day one, 25 on day two)

    • Sally Hall (Barn Owl) Gold
    • Karen Jones (Dancing Ruala) Silver

    The Exmoor 80 (50 miles in one day)

    • Kevin Waterman (Magic Fire) Gold
    • Elizabeth Graves-Morris (Greylake) Silver
    • Alison House (Aberllwyd Briar Rose) Bronze
    • Douglas Campbell (Tribute Tricolore) Bronze
    • Christine Smyth (Spice III) Bronze

    The Exmoor Experience (25 miles on each of two days)

    • Georgina Harris (Auburn Emblem) Gold
    • Jessica Strong (Sorhez Amir) Gold
    • Sue Bostelmann (Bint Shahfiyah) Gold
    • Carolyn Edwards (Oakways Patchwork Girl) Gold
    • Ray Davidson (Saintwestwell Silver Mask) Gold
    • Tracie Rose (Azed Sharah) Gold
    • Katherine Letherby (Diamonds Belkira) Gold
    • Amanda Nicholson (Esta Leonardo Diabo) Gold
    • Natasha Bailey (Moonlight Striker) Silver
    • Jenny Kidd (Keeloges Shamoan) Silver
    • Sally Mellor (Halim el Shaklan) Silver
    • Laura Brown (Golden Boy) Silver
    • Jenny Pearson (Al Aasi) Silver
    • James Hardwick (Druimghigha Luxor) Silver
    • Trisha Hardwick (Redx) Silver
    • Andrew Chisholm (Cyrion) Silver
    • Jo Chisholm (Khanspur) Silver
    • Glynis Grizzell (Redwing Shalico) Silver
    • Jane James (Steel Tobias) Silver
    • Beverley Davis (Steeple Charm) Silver
    • Sally Toye (HS Eclipse) Silver
    • Trisha Monokham (Hajar Kareem) Silver
    • Gillian Hasberry (St Flannans Niamh) Silver
    • Frankie Turley (Lynvale Myway) Silver
    • Anne Edwards (Cwrtcyadno Aabishann Delta) Bronze
    • Jane Bradley (Gelliflach Boneddwr) Bronze
    • June West (Sunny Boy Black Beauty) Bronze
    • Lucinda Stapleton (Coco Chanel) Bronze
    • Linda Dod (Ra Ra Rasputin) Bronze
    • Gemma Bode (Faretta Chatanz) Bronze

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