Glamour girls at war: Jodie Marsh claims “Katie Price can’t ride”

  • Jodie Marsh has lashed out at Katie Price in Zoo magazine, somewhat hypocritically, criticising Katie’s riding.

    Jodie, well known for her heated feuds with rival glamour girls, emphasised dressage in her tirade, exclaiming: “What does Jordan do on a horse? Dressage — trots around — that’s all she does. She doesn’t jump…She just sits on it and poses.”

    The glamour model continued by advocating her own riding abilities: “I started horse riding again recently and I haven’t ridden since I was 14.

    “So I’ve got on after 17 years, and it’s a beast. I cantered him, galloped him and got over proper jumps.”

    Jodie Marsh’s outburst continued, descending to general insults, in which she described Katie as being: “cold as ice, thick…and bad in bed!”

    • Do glamour girls like Katie and Jodie bring anything positive to equestrian sport? Have your say in the H&H forum

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