Giant rosette aims to break record

  • Eric Darlow of Darlow Rosettes in Butlers Marston, South Warwickshire, has created a giant rosette for a company to display on their tradestand.

    The finished article measures 90cm in diameter and 1.5m in length. It required 250m of pleated ribbon arranged in 28 separate tiers and was fixed to a specially cut piece of wood to ensure it remained rigid.

    The rosette took nearly four hours to design and around eight hours to build. A standard rosette takes around 20 minutes to make.

    Eric, who did most of the designing and building himself, is keen to hear from anyone who has seen a larger rosette: “It’s just so unusual that it made me curious to find out if a bigger one had ever been made.”

    If anyone knows of a bigger rosette please contact Eric Darlow (tel: 01926 640050)

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